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Corz 18:00 – 18:40

Winnaar nummer 1 uit onze DJ Contest is Corz!

De DJ Contest was een succes, veel inzendingen, veel luister plezier met als gevolgd moeilijke keuzes maken. Met Corz wilden we voor afwasseling zorgen of misschien wel beter gezegd rustig aan beginnen want de avond is lang. Corz start zodra de poorten open gaan en heeft de dankbare taak de stemming erin te brengen. Iets waar we 100% in geloven!

CORZ, real name Fabio Corsaro, born in Wesel (Germany), is currently one of the newcomers in the German tech house scene. With his third published song “Breaking Away” he already broke the magic sound barrier of 150,000 streams on Spotify & Co.. In addition, “Breaking Away” was promoted extensively by the Berlin label “Berlin House Music”, which corssmedial has a reach of over 90,000 followers Due to his existing know-how in the field of tech house, as well as producing music, it was very easy for him to use his to implement and publish a musical genre that is very similar to world stars such as the German-speaking Loco Dice.

In addition to local DJ gigs (XLR8, Club Rogue, Room46 and many more) around his current home in Bocholt (Germany), he has already played at open air festivals such as the Shelterwood Festival or the City of Flowers Festival, which was already in the Dedicated way to DJ. The different genres that are played are particularly striking in CORZ live sets. In addition to classic hip-hop, dancehall and pop music are also played or integrated into the live sets through their own mashups. Star DJ Mike Williams was already very impressed by this when CORZ made it to the finals of the official Parookaville x Spinnin’ Records DJ Contest with thousands of participants. “We loved your mix…keep up your good work!” – says project coordinator Marrit Smits – Spinnin’ Records.

The year 2023 will do CORZ very well, because a large number of label deals have already been signed so that he can continue to publish his Tech House idea in Germany.

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